www.biblegateway.com                               Search and Read the Bible online

    www.provethebible.net                                  Helping you to judge the truth of the Bible

    www.scottishbiblesociety.org                      National Bible Society of Scotland

    www.churchofscotland.org.uk                     The National church - Our Denomination

    presbyteryofhamilton.co.uk                         Hamilton Presbytery

    www.forwardtogether.org.uk                        Forward Together - Evangelicals in the Church of Scotland


www.adopt-a-child.com                                     Adopt A Child - Child Sponsorship Programme

 www.releaseinternational.org                       Release International - The Voice of Persecuted Christians

    www.chananglasgow.org.uk                         Chanan Glasgow - Rebuilding Broken Lives

                  CLAN Gathering - Christian Conference & Outreach Events

    www.scottishchristian.com                           Current Issues for Christians (& Church website links)
    www.scottishreformationsociety.org             Reformation Society - Witnessing to the Reformed Faith

    www.salsburghheritagegroup.co.uk             Local Heritage Society
    www.shottshistorygroup.co.uk                        Local Heritage Society

    www.apchurches.org                                   Associated Presbyterian Churches  (Another Presbyterian Church) 

    www.freechurch.org                                    Free Church of Scotland (Another Presbyterian Church)

    www.freekirkcontinuing.co.uk                      Free Church of Scotland [Continuing]  (Another Presbyterian Church)

    www.fpchurch.org.uk                                   Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (Another Presbyterian Church)

    www.rpcscotland.org                                   Reformed Presbyterian Church (Another Presbyterian Church)

    www.ufcos.org.uk                                        United Free Church of Scotland (Another Presbyterian Church)

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