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Posted by Villager on 06/04/2014

Good luck to Rev. Spence in her retirement and thank you for your hard work and devotion to your parish. With much kindness and respect On behalf of the Salsburgh Facebook page.

Posted by Stuart Hammerton on 17/11/2013   Email

Hi, I've been meaning to say for a few weeks a thank you all who made us feel so welcome to your church when we visited your open day. I thought it would be a 10 minute stop, but we ended up sitting there for a good 45 minutes to an hour drinking tea and chatting to everybody. It was a very nice time and we were all so glad we came over. We came from Glasgow, and there were two visitors with us from Poland. Please accept our best wishes with your ministry and your fund raising in the future.

Posted by E.Phillips on 06/02/2013

Nice to see the church well kept.

Posted by E.Phillips on 31/07/2012

I visited the cemetery a couple of weeks ago and it is still well looked after .Which is nice to see.

Posted by Isabelle Lipka on 11/12/2011   Email

I was called Isa Colligan and grew up at 5 Bogfoot Rd, and emigrated to the States in 1958, went to Shotskirk school and Airdrie Academy, and attended Kirk 'Shotts. My Dad was Matt Colligan, and Mom was May Jack. This web site is great, especially school pictures, too bad names ar missing on some of them. I left Airdrie Academy around 1957,and would love to hear from any old school pals.

Posted by Robert Leishman on 02/10/2011   Email

In 2002, I visited your church. My great grandparents, William Leishman and Ann Forsyth were married in your church on 3 March 1846. I also visited the Forsyth Farm near Shotts. Many of Ann Forsyth's ancestors are buried in your churchyard. Robert Leishman, Tampa, Florida, USA